About SoM AMA

Son of Man

Based Worldwide with no physical borders, SOMAMA is an international group of free individual men and women who desire to form a global bond of brotherhood/sisterhood based on a ‘Knowledge of Higher Worlds‘ as presented through the body of knowledge known as Anthroposophy. We look to the highest ideals of humanity as the archetype of our own individual strivings, the Son of Man, the Lord of Karma being held above all. We are a brotherhood/sisterhood of grounded men and women who can unconditionally love and support one another’s growth, development and individual journey and destiny. Although inspirations and knowledge come from all sources and well rounded free and autonomous men and women are what make SOMAMA. The contents of the body of knowledge as delivered and growing though Anthroposophy, will serve as guidance in terms of the highest ideal of personal growth and development towards becoming true ‘Sons of Men’ and ‘Daughters of Anthroposophia!’

Our mission is to bring Anthroposophy to where ‘The Rubber Meets the Road’ …

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