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.General Anthroposophical Society (Dornach, Switzerland)

The Goetheanum in Dornach, SwitzerlandThe Goetheanum is the center of a global network of spiritually dedicated people. As the home of the School of Spiritual Science and the General Anthroposophical Society, it serves as a place for exchanges over spiritual issues and trainings in artistic and scientific fields. The events held here range from lectures on special topics to large international conferences. On the stage, local and touring ensembles present Eurythmy, dramas and plays, puppetry, and musical performances. Located in the Jura landscape 10 km south of Basel, the Goetheanum with its expressive architecture, sits on Dornacher Hill. The Goetheanum has a picturesque garden park, café, bookstore and card shop, and is an inviting place to visit.

.Anthroposophical Society in America

The Anthroposophical Society in AmericaThe Anthroposophical Society in America is a membership organization that supports the development, communication and practice of anthroposophy in the United States. Anthroposophy is a discipline of research as well as a path of knowledge, service, personal growth and social engagement. Introduced and developed by Rudolf Steiner, it is concerned with all aspects of human life, spirit and humanity’s future evolution and well-being. The Anthroposophical Society in America is a non-sectarian, non-political “association of people who would foster the life of the soul, both in the individual and in human society, on the basis of a true knowledge of the spiritual world.”

.Anthroposophical Society in Australia

The national bird of Australia - the Emu.What then is Anthroposophy? A religion, a cult, a set of rules or dogmas, a movement? None of these encompasses the reality. In fact, Anthroposophy is hard to categorise — it does not fit in any given frame and yet, it is alive. Rudolf Steiner, who gave it this name, said if he could he would give it a different name every day. It is possibly best to describe what people involved in Anthroposophy have done and why they have done it in order to understand its uniqueness. One thing is obvious: Anthroposophists often like to do things differently, not because of any principle of their choosing but because they think about things more deeply than a “business as usual” approach often allows. To do this you need conscious freedom and it is no surprise that Steiner’s seminal work is the “Philosophy of Freedom”. Not an easy book to read, yet a deep exploration of how we think by observing the act of thinking itself.

.Why Waldorf Works

The Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA).The Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) is a non-profit membership organization of independent Waldorf Schools and Institutes in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. The Association was founded in 1968 to support schools and institutes. Our vision is to strengthen and nurture Waldorf Education and to advance Waldorf principles worldwide. Today there are over 900 Waldorf schools in 83 countries. In North America, there are greater than 160 member schools and 14 teacher education institutes.

.The Philosophy of Freedom

The Philosophy of Freedom websiteThis website is devoted the study of Rudolf Steiner’s major work, The Philosophy of Freedom. Study Guides and Courses, along with various translations of this work are on the site. As Rudolf Steiner said, “The purpose of The Philosophy of Freedom is to lay the foundations of ethical individualism and of a social and political life.” Ethical individualism is a humanist world-view that recognizes that the most cherished human dignity is to live according to one’s own freely chosen values. The site also has new Greek and Italian translations, as well as the  original German.

.Biodynamic Association

The Biodynamic Association websiteBiodynamics is a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to farming, gardening, food and nutrition. Biodynamic agriculture has been practiced for nearly a century, on every continent on Earth. Biodynamic principles and practices are based on the spiritual insights and practical suggestions of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, and have been developed through the collaboration of many farmers and researchers since the early 1920’s. Today, the biodynamic movement encompasses thousands of regenerative gardens, farms, ranches, orchards, and vineyards, in a wide variety of climates, ecological contexts, and economic settings.

.Biodynamic Association

Physicians' Association for Anthroposophic MedicineThe Physicians’ Association for Anthroposophic Medicine (PAAM), was founded in 1981. It’s striving effort is to facilitate personal experience with the practice of anthroposophic medicine, to connect experienced anthroposophic physicians with newer physicians and other health care practitioners, and to foster a dynamic and inspiring interchange between colleagues, patients and communities. For specific information about events, training opportunities, finding a physician, more about PAAM, or donating to our organization, please visit our site and follow the links in the top menu bar.

.The Christian Community

The Christian CommunityThe Christian Community is part of an international movement for the renewal of religion, founded in 1922 in Switzerland by the eminent Lutheran theologian and minister Friedrich Rittlemeyer, with the help of Rudolf Steiner, Austrian thinker and mystic. The Christian Community is a church centered around the seven sacraments in their renewed form. The text of our Creed, is a metamorphosis of the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds.
We are inspired by traditional Christian theology, the original work of Rudolf Steiner and by independent research and insights of priests and members. There is also room in this modern Christian theology to incorporate such ideas as reincarnation and karma, a truly cosmic conception of Christ, and the role of spiritual beings at all levels of existence. The Christ Jesus is recognized as the Guide and Redeemer who “goes before us” leading us to our true humanity.

.Center for Anthroposophy

The Christian CommunityLike the term “philosophy”, Anthroposophy denotes a method of inquiry, a path of research, rather than a content or fixed set of ideas. Rudolf Steiner, who pioneered this path, once characterized Anthroposophy as an upside-down plant, with its roots in the heavens (the world of the spirit) and its blossom and fruit in practical life on earth. This “growing down” means that clear insights born of disciplined spiritual research can help us re-enliven the practice of education, health, farming, technology, and countless other areas of daily life. What Is Center for Anthroposophy? Working out of the science of the spirit pioneered by Rudolf Steiner, the Center for Anthroposophy offers innovative part-time adult education programs and summer courses, including Foundation Studies, Waldorf teacher education programs, and Renewal Courses.


The e.Lib Family of Anthroposophic Information

. Rudolf Steiner Archive

An electronic Library (e.Lib) and Archive site for the collected works (over 6000) of the Austrian born philosopher Rudolf Steiner (1861–1925). Other presentations of the Rudolf Steiner Archive are:

. Now I See …

Book Reviews from Anthroposophists: an opportunity for Anthroposophists to present reviews of non-anthroposophical books in such categories as non-fiction, scholastic or academic, history, science, biography, autobiography, and the paranormal.


WaldorfEducation dot Net is a site providing resources to the community of Waldorf Teachers and Schools. Currently it is using the Education Section of the Rudolf Steiner Archive as its Home Page.


The BiodynamicFarming Information site provides resources to the Biodynamic Farming and Agriculture community. Currently it is using the Biodynamics Section of the Rudolf Steiner Archive as its Home Page.

. Fine Art Presentations — The e.Gallery

An electronic Art Gallery (e.Gallery) and Archive site for the presentation of the fine artworks of many different and varied artists. Categories include: Artists by Century, by Movement, Ethnicity, and Special Collections, including Anthroposophically-inspired Artists.

. KnowNews dot NET

Up-to-the-minute Newswire from around the world and across the nation. An Anthroposophical e.News service, Tech-News, sports and entertainment, too.

. Goethean Science and Goetheanism sites

Two sites relating to Goethe and Goethean Science: science according to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Science, Drama, and the Arts. Other presentations from the Goethean sites:

. Goethean Discussions

Goethean Sciences new relevance to holistic health and self-healing.

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