The Circle of Light

A call to replace the need for War with Love! By Martin Sampson 15NOV2015


‘The Circle of Light has arisen out of many people asking what they can do in the face of the looming events of a world war. This is a call to every one that I know in my Pagan, Druid, WICCA, Christian, Anthroposophical,Theosophical, Rosicrucian, Buddhist, Islamic, Shamanic, Indigenous, Atheistic, Secular, Humanist , Scientific and whatever other philosphy or code you live by, to unite in creating new inspiring collective thought-feeling forms to help all of us be more Humane in peace, love, care, tenderness and collaboration to care for the earth and all her inhabitants. It is a call to replace the need for War with Love.

Please share this idea with all your friends, on facebook, social media, blogs, email lists and any other form of sending out the call. If you don’t want to join in please quietly move on.

All I ask is that each morning in the rising Sun you take a moment to feel part of a united community, without philosphical borders, and then in whichever form works for you feel the enrgy of a better humanity imprint itself into the life-light energy of the Sun. It will shine and inpire all upon whom the Sun light shines! If you can’t do it at dawn, please attend to this at any point of time. If you want you can also create community events where we can produce these forms exponentially together.

We can generate an unceasing prayer for the bettermant of humanity. (Replace prayer with whatever form fits your framework)

As a united humanity we can generate the energy as a circle of light that moves with the light of the Sun, with the light of the new dawn each day, to change the world.

The inner work of each individual will be to let go of our inner voices that cause seperation and antagonism They are the thought energy forms that create the outer manifestation of destruction in the world. We can take responsibility for our inner bigotry and prejudices, our cynicism and fear, and place them on hold. Remove them from our field of consciouness and open our minds and hearts to creating the feelings and thoughts that will make the possibility of us being Human more probable. I feel we have become a little less than human all too soon. It is time to raise each other in mutual love. To ascend to our full humanity together.

In mystical and esoteric traditions we practice what is called distance healing. We can as a collective intensify our sense of well being in our astral/soul bodies (especially in our feeling body) and then send ,via the guidance of Angels, Archangels, Christ, the Holy Sophia, and any deity or collective energy form that you work with, this energy as healing medicine to the folk souls and angels of all people in France. The same for any place or incidence in the world.

The third condition for esoteric training in Knowledge of the Higher Worlds (Rudolf Steiner) is that we must realize that our thoughts and feelings are as important for the world as our actions are. This is taught in many traditions that I know too.

This is the true form of prayer

In that sense we can also take stock of our fears and bigotry and stop all speculation and opinion sharing. “opinions are frightfully thin things in the human soul. they don’t have much impact on reality. they are just bubbles in the reality of this world (Rudolf Steiner 16/09/24)

The best effective help is to, free of the negative emotions and focused on service of humanity, collectively send well being, peace, love and compassion to all concerned in these areas.’

– Martin Sampson

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