Happy birthday SOMAMA.

Today 24th June 2015, marks the one year anniversary of the founding of the Sons of Man AMA.
What has been achieved in such a short time is nothing less than colossal on a cosmic scale.

SOMAMA is more than a bunch of anthroposophical men and women who ride, its not a hobby or parody, SOMAMA is more than an organised motorcycle club, it’s not just an anthroposophical organisation, SOMAMA is a Deed that has been taken up in Christ, to work as the archetypal human The Son of Man worked in the world and do this in today’s modern society. We are here to meet the other through anthroposophy on the ‘ground level’, and to support other Anthroposophical and Christian Community initiatives.

I’d like to say thank you to all who have supported our initiative and it’s formation over the past year. Thank you for your help to bring into the world the being that is SOMAMA. Thank you for assisting us in working through this Deed, in this quest of Philadelphia.

‘Be as You Would See’

Manichee- VP

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